Staff Development Workshops offered by Reward and Recognition Consulting

Reward and Recognition Consulting offers a range of workshops that will help your staff better understand key reward and recognition issues.  Workshops can be aligned with the programs offered by your organisation.
These workshops are usually half day or one day programs depending on the requirements of the client

Performance Management: Training managers, supervisors and staff in the basics of performance management.

Incentive Plan Design: This workshop identifies the strategic business drivers and aligns them with the appropriate operational measures to establish an effective incentive plan.

Handling Remuneration Data: Participants are shown where to access the most relevant remuneration information and then learn how to use that information to establish appropriate market comparisons and set benchmarks for their organisation.

Running the Annual Salary Review: This workshop shows how to integrate the results of the performance management review with current salaries and market remuneration data to conduct a properly budgeted, efficient and effective salary review.

Job Evaluation: In this workshop participants learn about the various forms of job evaluation, their advantages and disadvantages and under what circumstances they are best used in an organisation.


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